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  "Making Cities Autonomous, Prosperous and Self-reliant"

Working Area

Working Area I: Advocacy and Lobbying

GOAL 1/1 The state structure in the new constitution is based on strong, financially and politically autonomous local self-governments.

- Continuous 3 LGA Constitutional Advocacy Campaign for ensuring autonomous local self-governments under new government structure

GOAL 1/2 Local government elections are scheduled as soon as possible. In the mean time, until local elections are held an appropriate accountability mechanism is established and implemented.

- Continuous 3 LGA lobbying campaing for immediate local elections
- Local Governance Action Research -'To support more effective, transparnet, and accountable local governance in selected municipaliites in Nepal'

GOAL 1/3 Municipalities are financially and administratively autonomous (with regard to the legislative and policy framework) and are enabled to operate in a transparent and responsive manner.
- Local government reform and capacity development project
- National MC/PM review programme
- National GESI policy and guideline revision programme

Working Area II: Information and Networking

GOAL 2/1 The urban stakeholders network (MuAN, RLCs, UDTC and other relevant partners) has become an effective structure with regular consultations, joint activities and is capable to significantly improve the services to the municipalities on basis of their needs.

- Regular stakeholder consultation meetings and joint activities
- Establishment of RLC Desk at MuAN

GOAL 1/2 All municipalities are enabled to effectively utilize ICT, particularly internet/Email. Each municipality has a trained ICT focal person working to fulfill their information/communication needs.

- ICT support Programme
- Monthly MuAN E-newsletter

GOAL 2/3 A forum for urban governance and development issues is being provided for municipalities and relevant partners through regular multimedia publications and communication about the most up to date trends in the sector.

- Periodic publications (VoC, Calendar, Diary, Reports, etc.)
- Regular publications on relevant urban issues
- Urban Resource Center

 Working Area III: Technical and Advisory Support

GOAL 3/1 Municipalities will have significantly expanded their capacities for effective and efficient service delivery and operate according to the existing provisions, rules and regulations.

- EU funded SUNYA ‘Towards Zero Waste in South Asia Project’
- Child Friendly Local Governance support programme
- Urban WASH support programme
- ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ SWM training series and

GOAL 3/2 The municipalities have a proper financial management system in place and are able to mobilize resources according to their needs.

- IPT support program
- Resource mobilization program

GOAL 3/3 MuAN serves as an intermediary between government and non-government agencies and the municipalities in accordance to their needs.

- CITYNET National chapter
- MDG localization demonstration project