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Project Name: SUNYA –Towards Zero Waste in South Asia ProjectProject Name: SUNYA –Towards Zero Waste in South Asia Project
Project Goal: Promotion of zero-waste concept as sustainable waste management practice in urban areas of South Asia through 3 R principles for improvement of living conditions.
Country of Implementation: Multi-country project (Nepal, Srilanka, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan)
Funding agency: European  Union
Recipient of the funding: MuAN
Total funding (Euro): €1,541,150 
Total Fund provided (Euro): €1,541,150
MuAN’s contribution (Euro): € 15411.50 (10%)
Activities undertaken:
·         Project consortium establishment and analysis of the situation in pilot cities.
·         Municipal cluster coordination and identification of relevant strategies.
·         Capacity building of concerned stakeholders on 3 R towards zero-waste.
·         Pilot demonstration activities.
·         Reproducibility and consolidation of the project.