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Information and Networking

Thu, 25 Jul, 2013

Working Area II: Information and Networking

GOAL 2/1 The urban stakeholders network (MuAN, RLCs, UDTC and other relevant partners) has become an effective structure with regular consultations, joint activities and is capable to significantly improve the services to the municipalities on basis of their needs.

-          Regular stakeholder consultation meetings and joint activities

-          Establishment of RLC Desk at MuAN

GOAL 2/2 All municipalities are enabled to effectively utilize ICT, particularly internet/Email. Each municipality has a trained ICT focal person working to fulfill their information/communication needs.

-          ICT support Programme

-          Monthly MuAN E-newsletter

GOAL 2/3 A forum for urban governance and development issues is being provided for municipalities and relevant partners through regular multimedia publications and communication about the most up to date trends in the sector.

-          Periodic publications (VoC, Calendar, Diary, Reports, etc.)

-          Regular publications on relevant urban issues

-          Urban Resource Center