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Formalization of MuAN in the New Federal Structure of Government to support Local Governance in Nepal - The Asia Foundation


This is the fact that state restructuring has already taken place and the country has been transformed from the unitary state to federal state with three tiers of governments in the country. The local elections have been completed. Hence, there is a need to restructure MuAN and its composition as well in line with the spirit of the constitution as well considering the greater number of municipalities. This is an important time for MuAN to define its roles and responsibilities and its scope under the federal structure of Nepal. While the Ministries including MoFALD is being reviewed and restructured, there is a realization, somewhere that MuAN can fulfill the vacuum to coordinate with the municipalities in new context. It is therefore quite vital for MuAN to organize itself and develop its institutional capacity to cater the needs of constitutional urban local government. 

Recent years have been marked with radical changes in local governance, to wit;

  • The state restructuring has taken place and the transformation from a unitary to a federal state;
  • Three (3) tiers of government have been set in place;
  • Local elections have been completed; and,
  • After the restructuring, the numbers of municipalities have been increased.

These changes have provided the impetus for a restructuring of MuAN, for the association to re-define its roles, responsibilities, and scope under federalism; to examine the directions by which it can effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of the municipalities and to the mandates of the elected officials who are members of the MuAN’s general assembly. These elected officials include not only mayors and deputy mayors but as well as ward chairpersons. The membership of MuAN has risen to 293 municipalities.

Although the Parliamentary Development Committee has decided not to mention the role of “LG Associations” in the Local Government Operations Act 2017, there is no question that MuAN will continue to play a crucial role as an association of municipalities. The 2015 constitution has provided a solid foundation in its provisions on the mandates, rights, and responsibilities of municipalities. MuAN shall continue to support local elected officials in the areas of networking, advocacy, capacity building, and advisory services.

Restructuring course of MuAN

The re-structuring of MuAN comprises different phases and activities, namely;

Creation of various committees like General Assembly organization, MuAN Charter Review Committee, and Financial Committee

  1. Revision of the existing MuAN charter and adaption of the new charter
  2. Conduct of the provincial assemblies holding the General Assembly and election of the new board
  3. Undertaking a strategic planning workshop

 Some of the development partners like The Asia Foundation and GIZ/CD-mun are supporting in restructuring process of MuAN .