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  "Making Cities Autonomous, Prosperous and Self-reliant"

Advocacy And Lobbying

Mon, 25 Aug, 2014

GOAL 1/1

The state structure in the new constitution is based on strong, financially and politically autonomous local self-governments.

-Continuous 3 LGA Constitutional Advocacy Campaign for ensuring autonomous local self-governments under new government structure

GOAL 1/2

Local government elections are scheduled as soon as possible. In the mean time, until local elections are held an appropriate accountability mechanism is established and implemented.

-Continuous 3 LGA lobbying campaign for immediate local elections

-Local Governance Action Research - ‘To support more effective, transparent, and accountable local governance in selected municipalities in Nepal’

GOAL 1/3

Municipalities are financially and administratively autonomous (with regard to the legislative and policy framework) and are enabled to operate in a transparent and responsive manner.

-Local government  reform and capacity development project

-National MC/PM review programme

-National GESI policy and guideline revision programme