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  "Making Cities Autonomous, Prosperous and Self-reliant"


The Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) was established in 1994 and formally registered under the National Directive Act, 1961 (2018 B.S.). All municipalities of Nepal are members of MuAN, including metropolitan and sub-metropolitan cities. MuAN has successfully established itself as a credible voice of the municipalities of Nepal and has accomplished a number of landmarks in policy reform, on issues of decentralization, urban governance, poverty reduction, gender and social inclusion as well as urban environment.

Advocacy and lobbying for the common interests of the municipalities is the prime responsibility of MuAN. Among others, it is therefore currently concentrating on three major issues: 1. Ensuring a constitutional provision for autonomous local self-governments. 2. The scheduling of overdue local elections. 3. The establishment of autonomous metro-cities and urban governments in the federal structure of Nepal.

Throughout the past decade rampant and haphazard urbanization significantly challenged the responsibilities for development and service delivery at the municipal level in Nepal. Accordingly the roles and functions of MuAN have significantly expanded in order to cater to these newly evolved needs for support and representation of the municipalities. In this context, MuAN in consultation with its members as well as national and international partners has developed a transitional strategy which includes a revised corporate identity and clear goals for each of the three working areas.

Corporate Identity and Objectives

Vision: Making cities autonomous, prosperous and self-reliant.

Mission: Promoting urban governance by ensuring rights and enhancing capabilities of municipal governments.

Slogan: MuAN for Municipalities.

Corporate Values:

  • Believing in democratic norms and values.
  • Promoting transparency, accountability and inclusiveness.
  • Building common understanding among stakeholders.
  • Believing in local self-governments.


  • To lobby and advocate for guaranteeing autonomous local government in the new constitution.
  • To develop MuAN as a pioneer institution for the promotion of urban governance by coordinating municipal
  • governments and relevant stakeholders.
  • To develop municipal governments as capable and strong institutions to provide urban services effectively.
  • To make municipal government transparent, responsive, accountable and inclusive for ensuring urban good governance.
  • To develop MuAN as a common platform for enhancing the expertise of urban professionals.