SWASHTHA (Strengthening Water, Air, Sanitation and Hygiene Treasuring Health)

Start Date:Jan 1, 2009| End Date: Dec 31, 2012
SWASHTHA (Strengthening Water, Air, Sanitation and Hygiene Treasuring Health)


Project Partners: Nepal Government, Municipal Association of Nepal, ENPHO and PRACTICAL ACTION

The project is funded by European Union under its Non State Actors in Development (NEPAL) Programme; and co-financed by UN-HABITAT's Water for Asian Cities Programme and ISLE of Man Government, UK.

Practical Action in partnership with Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN), Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO); and Partner Municipalities and Small Towns under the Government of Nepal is implementing the project. The seven partner municipalities included in the project are Ratnanagar, Bharatpur, Ramgram, Siddharthanagar, Butwal in one cluster in Western Region; Tikapur and Gularia in mid-far Western Region and three small towns - Sunawal, Bardaghat and Kawasoti - which are potentially growing to become municipalities along the western highway corridor. 

SWASHTHA - Strengthening Water, Air, Sanitation and Hygiene Treasuring Health

Overall Objective:
To contribute to sustainable improvement in health and well being of vulnerable population especially, women and children residing in urban and peri-urban settlements of project municipalities and small towns.

Specific Objective:
To develop and promote integrated approaches by addressing major environmental health risks, such as indoor air quality, water quality, sanitation facilities, and hygiene behaviours to create healthy homes and benefit 30,000 women and children.

Project  Outcomes:
• Improved access to safe drinking water in project areas.
• Improved access to better sanitation facilities in project areas.
• Improved hygiene practices among 30,000 women and children. 
• Improved indoor air quality standards in 10,000 HHs. 
• Institutionalization of environmental health improvement measures through fostering          increased  partnerships between state, non-state and private sector actors.


SLTS Training at Gularia and Tikapur
Training for school Principals and Parents-Teachers' Association will be provided at Gularia on August 28-30, 2009 and at Tikapur on September 3-5, 2009. These School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) Trainings will be conducted by the resource persons from ENPHO and supported by the respective municipalities.

SLTS Training at Butwal
With the success of SLTS training at Tikapur and Gularia, SWASHTHA project is planning to conduct similar training session in eight public schools of Butwal under the technical assistance from ENPHO. The training is scheduled from September 14-16, 2009. 

Shree Rastriya Prathamik Vidhyalaya (RVP) Declared ODF 
Shree RPV, Dhanauji, a peri-urban area of Bharatpur Municipality declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) in its school's catchments on 29th January 2010. There are 510 households in the catchment as per the recent baseline study carried out by the SWASHTHA project.

SWASHTHA is implementing School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) in 35 public schools of urban and peri-urban areas of Bharatpur, Butwal, Gulariya and Tikapur municipalities. This is the 5th school that declared ODF with the project support. Before this declaration, four schools of peri-urban areas of Bharatpur have already declared ODF in 2009.

Creating SWASHTHA Community
ODF was declared by Sri Rastriya Prathamik Vidhyalaya, Dhanauji at Bharatpur on 29th Jan 2010. The declaration was made on the occasion of its 55th anniversary. Various WATSAN promotional songs were sung by the students of such schools. It was found that awareness was quite effective in that school as seen by the cleanliness in and around the premises. Another ODF is going to be declared on 15th February 2010 by Sri Rastriya Prathamik Vidhyalaya, Sundarbasti.

Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) of Pattihani VDC have conducted 27 community orientations at Pattihani VDC, Bharatpur regarding the issues covered by SWASHTHA project. Huge number of community participation proved that the orientation program was quite effective and educational.

3 days PPP training was organized at Butwal where about 30 participants from four project municipalities (Bharatpur, Butwal, Tikapur and Gularia) participated actively. The participants were municipal officials, private entrepreneurs and local NGOs. The training was facilitated by the PPP expert from Kathmandu. The motive of the training was to aware the people from different sectors on how the project could achieve the ways of success through the involvement of public and private sectors.

The regular monitoring of toilet construction at various project clusters were conducted and it was found that nominal numbers of households are left in the first phase of its construction, out of which some have already given their words of assurance to complete it within next few months.

It is a challenge to create a 'swashtha' (healthy) community but it is not impossible. SWASHTHA project is thus helping to achieve that challenge by working together with the community, private and public sectors.

ODF Declaration-15th Feb 2010
The school catchment area of Sri Nimna Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Sundarbasti of Pattihani VDC has declared ODF on 15th Feb 2010. Chiefs and representatives from government and non-government institutions like Drinking Water and Sanitation Division, District Education Office, Lali Guransh Mother's Group, Lali Guransh Women Saving and Credit Group, Padam Sundar Mother's Group, Adibashi Chaudhari Sundar Women Group etc participated in the program.

FCHV Training at Bharatpur
The FCHV training has been successfully conducted at Bharatpur on 19 – 21 March, 2010 at Image Hotel, Pokhara Buspark. The participants included the FCHV and Local mother group from Thimura, Rosegarden and Raharghari of Bharatpur.

Ecosan Training at Kathmandu
Three Days' Ecosan training is taking place at Jamal, Kathmandu since 28th March 2010. The participants were from different clusters of Bharatpur, Butwal, Gularia and Tikapur including the focal persons from each municipalities. The participants will be taken to field visits on the 30th March to demonstrate the best practices on ecological sanitation.

ODF Declaration at Bramhapuri- 23rd April 2010
Shree RPV of Bramhapuri is declaring ODF on 23rd April 2010. Under SLTS program, the area has successfully completed their task of constructing 38 toilets within 314 households. The declaration program is scheduled to start at 6 am. The program will be celebrated by conducting speeches on the message towards sustainability of ODF areas, various folk songs and cultural programs.

ODF Declaration - 28th April 2010
Shree MV of Ganganagar has declared ODF on 28th April 2010 on its 43rd Anniversary and Parents' Day. Shree MV, Ganaganagar is the 8th school out of 10 chosen by the SWASHTHA project under SLTS program to declare ODF.  

ODF Declaration - 27th June 2010
Sharadanagar VDC of Chitwan declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) on 27th June 2010 (13th Ashad 2067) with a formal programme benefitting directly 2466 households (HHs). The programme was initiated with a mass rally where participants exceeded 1500, that includes students, teachers, various women groups, political representatives, local residents and other stakeholders. SLTS has been implemented in four public schools in Saradanagar; among them two schools already declared ODF in last November and the remaining two declared during this event.

The project along with the support of VDC and project schools (Kiran MV, Sharada MV, RPV, Simaltandi and Kiran Ganesh PV) constructed 389 toilets. Hence the credit of declaration goes to all.  Previously, the project trained the school's teachers and students as per SLTS guidelines to mobilize them in the community.

The ODF programme was well attended by the concerned stakeholders. The programme was chaired by Mr. Kalika Prasad Ghimire, VDC Secretary of Saradanagar. Mr. Udav Prasad Timilsina, Local Development Officer (LDO) of Chitwan DDC was the chief guest. Mr. Timilsina is also the chairperson of District Drinking Water and Sanitation Coordination Committee. Similarly, there was the presence from Red Cross, UNICEF, District Water Supply and Sanitation Division Office, ENPHO and Practical Action Nepal Office. The local television channels (BESO and Unique) and local FMs broadcasted the event with high importance. 

ODF Declaration at Surajpur, Gularia Municipality_29th June 2010
Water and Sanitation Improvement users committee, Surajpur declared their settlement with 74 households as "Open Defecation Free" on 29th June, 2010. The ODF declaration is the first in Gularia Municipality. Mr. Krishna Prasad Gautam, EO of Gularia Municipality was the chief guest on the occasion. The community people of Surajpur expressed their commitment towards ODF.

Representatives from water supply and sanitation division office Bardiya, USAID, Community Development Organization, PMC members, Nepal Armed Police Force, local schools, TLOs, women's group, child club participated on the occasion.

Surajpur was the cluster with extremely poor water and sanitation facility. The toilet coverage in this cluster was almost nill before the implementation of the project. The present condition shows that every household have their own toilet.

Participatory Video Facilitation Training
  Six days' training on Participatory Video was organized by SWASHTHA project at VDRC Hall, Nawalparasi from 14th-19th September 2010. The major objectives of the training were:

  • To acquaint the partners about participatory video so that later these trainees will support in preparing PVs and Visual case studies.

  • To facilitate the partners on the process of PV.

  • To facilitate the partners on handling video cameras and editing the captured clips.

The practical session for preparing PV was conducted at Thimura, Chitawan. The local people were also trained on handling video camera and they were given the opportunity to capture the interviews of their own. Two draft PVs were prepared during the training period.

ODF at Pattihani VDC
Pattihani VDC declared ODF on 6th October 2010. Under the SLTS program, six schools have already declared ODF within its catchment area. They are RPV (Dhanauji), AMV (Padampokhari), MV (Ganganagar), NMV (Sundarbasti), RPV (Birendranagar) and RPV (Bramhapuri). 

The catchment of the VDC occupies 2541 households (HHs) with 2141 HHs having toilets. With the support from SWASHTHA project and the VDC, about 330 toilets have been constructed in the area. The recent data shows that almost every households have their own permanent or temporary toilets while those who do not have one are also using their neighbors'.  

QRC on 19th April, 2011 at Butwal
Quarterly Planning and review meeting is going to be held on 19th April, 2011 at Butwal.

FCHV Training 
SWASTHA, the training program on  Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation,indoor air pollution and health have been planned to organise  for  Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV) at Bardaghat and at Butwal on respective date  20/21 April, 2011 and 23/24 April, 2011  

ODF Declaration - 13th Feb, 2011
Sitapur Cluster with 106 household has become the first Open Defection Free Community in Tikapur Municipality of Kailali District on 13th February, 2011.

The executive officer of Tikapur Municipality and chief guest of the ceremony Mr. Niranjan Kumar Rimal inaugurated and unveiled the ODF declaration board as a symbol of announcing ODF zone. A procession was taken around the community with chanting slogans related to healthy life and clean environment immediate after the inauguration. Representative from Tikapur municipality office. women group, political parties, youth club, child club from local school, teachers, user groups, and local organization were participated in the program.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rimal said that the success has proved that a small support can bring a huge change if the community is made aware of their problem and way of solution of the same. He added that the announcement of ODF will influence other community and it will be stepping stone to declare entire municipality as a Open Defection Free. 

Toilet construction program had been initiated a year before in the region by the SWASTHA project, ENPHO with the partnership of Practical Action Nepal, Tikapur Municipality, Municipal Association of Nepal under the financial support of European Union and UN Habitat. 

On the occasion, Local Entrepreneur, Mothers Group and Organization was honored for their support and dedication during the project implementation.

Project Period: The project starts from 2009 and ends on December 2012.


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